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Intercept Search Engine Queries

View everything they search online using most popular search engines
Supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Blekko

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Spy on kids and employee search engine activity

What people are looking for on the search engines can reveal a lot about the person, whether it's your child or employee. That's why we are featuring SE query capturing in our monitoring product.

Even though there are dozens of search engines out there, some researches show that 99% of the users are using either Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask or Blekko for their daily queries. In relation to that, our product catches search queries from all of the big 5 and lets you view the exact query, exact user and link to the search so you can requery it. Also, it records exact time so you know when did somebody actually tried to find something.

As with everything else, our product let's you search through all the queries captured so you can know what has been searched for and filter it by specific users.

To see SE queries that were searched from your PC, you can either use the "All Activity" button and look for "Search Engine Query Captured" types of events, or you can just click the "Search Engine Queries" icon to view the list of all queries filtered out of other types of events.

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